Apple VS Facebook data privacy and digital advertisement

Recent Update on iOS 14 is creating tense situation between Apple And Facebook. In short , Apple now ask permission of users if they want to share their personal information , activity over internet to Facebook.

Tim Cook , CEO of Apple tweeted this from his profession twitter handle.

In response to this Facebook is claiming that small business associated with Facebook may suffer 60% in loss.


Digital advertising is the important part of online as well as offline business. Some people might disagree with the concept of targeted ads but I think getting relevant ad at the time of need is great. Take for my example, I started making website and was searching for hosting and domain . I wanted to spend less money for great deal so ,I started searching for best domain and hosting across google, YouTube and Facebook . Then I started getting correct recommendation of company that register domain and hosting for my price and need. As a result this site is able to get online.

But having a choice to share information and activity over internet is important. Apple did a right thing implementing that system for some user but it is somehow complete mess for some user. Nobody wants to see chicken burger ad if your are vegan since, Facebook, google twitter etc. doesn’t know if you are vegan or not.

Talking about 60% loss for small business, 4-5 years ago businesses could its 100% followers without ads but now we have to run ads to reach our own follower. Facebook have changed its reach metrics so that pages must run ads to get reach.

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